Thrashin Supply handlebars

high bend chrome
high bend black
high bend
mid bend chrome
mid bend black
mid bend
low bend chrome
low bend black
low bend
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  • 1 inch Diameter Bar fits stock Harley Mounts and Controls
  • Drilled and Slotted for Internal Wiring
  • Knurled for maximum clamp grip
  • Notched for Fly By Wire, allows for newer  and older style bike fitments
  • Laser Etched THRASHIN® Logo
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Low bend bars specs               Mid bend bars specs            High bend bars specs
  • Rise 2.5"                                   4"                                          5.5"
  • Width 30"                                  30"                                        30"
  • Pull Back 3.5"                           4"                                          4"